Underground railroad

An escaping slave looking for the road to Freedom.


Underground railroad

Author’s note

Acmefilmworks is an American world class company producing animated films for Commercial films, documentaries and feature films opening sequences.

Suite for Freedom can be seen daily at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati Ohio. The two other films of the Suite were directed by Aleksandra Korejwo and the animation “great master” Caroline Leaf. Suite for Freedom is a brief orientation film that introduces the Freedom Center Experience. Suite features a trilogy of distinct but interrelated animated shorts tied together by a musical suite. It is remarkable for the artistry of three world-class animators with inspiring words creates a unique visual experience.

The Underground Railroad is a term for the covert network of people and places who assisted fugitive slaves as they escaped from slavery in the South. Most widespread during the three decades prior to the Civil War, this activity primarily took place in the regions bordering slave states, with the Ohio River being the center of much of the activity. Of course, Underground Railroad activity did not literally take place underground or via a railroad, nor was it an official organisation with defined structure. It was simply a loose network of people who attempted to move enslaved individuals escaping from slavery to and from safe places in a quick and largely secretive manner.


Ottawa Film Fest, London Film Fest, Cartoon on the bay, Animamundi, sicaf 2005. Charles Samu Award til ASIFA-East Fest. the film was nominated to 77th Annual Academy Awards, Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences 2004.