In order to survive in his harsh climate Utaaq, a young Inuit hunter, has to become a Shaman.

“The film is a visual experience! It’s a non verbal film painted with a big brush and dissolving images of landscapes and the sea in Greenland. Shaman is a playful tale of the magic forces of nature in Inuit culture where people and animals are transformed and joined together. Every picture is a painting – the picture sequences have continuous metamorphosis, dramatic shifts accompanied by a very interesting soundtrack.”— Special mention award, Odense film festival.


Utaaq, an old Inuit, is at a bus stop in Copenhagen when he spots a bird from his native Greenland above his head: a rare visitor to these climes. It reminds him of his youth: as a young hunter he discovers that a mountain wanderer is using a Tupilak for killing local hunters  Tupilaks are magical creatures that obey their masters. Utaaq goes off into the mountains, where he becomes a shaman. On his return to the settlement he uses his powers to destroy the mountain wanderer. Finally we return to Utaqq at the bus stop: a weary old man nostalgically watching the bird, his familiar.


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Author’s note

Inuit culture from Greenland is exposed and vulnerable in the face of progress. Its power and extent have been severely reduced in the last hundred years. Shaman is an attempt to show part of that culture: shamanism. The film will give audiences an appreciation of the spiritual forces behind the culture of this harsh climate and majestic scenery.

For my portrayal of rites and everyday life I have drawn on ethnographic sources to avoid inaccuracies and misinterpretations. I have set the film in the recent past in order to contrast it with our materialist view of the world. Shaman is a fairy tale and a tribute to a culture that may be disappearing forever.


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