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Miniyamba — Walking blues


Like thousands of people around the world who every day leave their homeland, Abdu, a young Malian, has decided to reach Europe. A trip from the Niger River to the barbed wire of the Ceuta, where dreams are confronted with the harsh reality, the distant lights of the West …

Author’s note

I wanted to make a film about music, especially blues, music that charms me for decades.

I wanted to make a film about music, especially blues, music that charms me for decades. I also want to embed this music to its roots, to Africa. The music is the theme of this film. Abdu, the main character, a Malian musician, has his art as only great bluesmen do know: the art of improvisation, to feel the audience and the art of giving comfort by sharing the pain, the art of creating the “Mojo”: magic, charm, good luck … He also knows the griot tradition.

The N’Goni was for centuries reserved for kings and princes of the empire Mandingo warriors. He also symbolizes the constant drama of thousands of African migrating to the ultra-protectionist Europe and Africa which can not take care of its children, “Let me go forward because I can not go back” could be the motto.

Moussa Diallo has composed and supervised music. Moussa has personally experienced a history similar to Abu’s, the movie character and experience of wandering has fed the script.

The music was recorded in Mali, to be closer to the source, to work with those with this film tells the story. Musicians recruited by Moussa professionals, mainly belong to griots family. The result becomes the soul of the film. You do not listen to this music, you live it.

The sound design is conceived by Yann Coppier. All sounds were made from Malian instruments, including a man walking in the desert, a bus, the wind, the sea, someone pouring tea, screaming police cars, women grilling meat and men drinking water… but also sounds of despair, hope, immensity and joy.

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