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Syner title=the drowned

short film by Luc Perez. Music by Yann Coppier.

Ghost HuntingGhost Hunting

Animation scenes for “Ghost Hunting” feature documentary film by Raed Andoni.

Ich und KaminskiIch und Kaminski

Ending credits animation for “Ich ind Kaminski” feature film by Wolfgang Becker.


short film by Luc Perez. Music by Moussa Diallo. Migrants trip from the Niger River to the barbed wire of the Ceuta.


Clip from Pareidolia. Live performance. Live painting by Luc Perez. Sound by Yann Coppier.

the shadow“the shadow”

Clip for Yann Coppier.

333-2"333 saints

Clip from Moussa Diallo’s last CD…


Sini is a song of pain about the future of the children.Clip from Moussa Diallo.

Shaman Shaman

In order to survive in his harsh climate Utaaq, a young Inuit hunter, has to become a Shaman.

dirtDirt! The movie

part of DIRT! The Movie, feature documentary film directed and produced by Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow.

ApacheThree Apache myths

Three sequences were part of a documentary by Sarah Colt and Dustinn Craig about Geronimo for PBS.

Underground railroadUnderground railroad

An escaping slave looking for the road to Freedom.

Stranger bluesStranger blues

It’s a metaphysical Diary of a stranger in a strange land.


Videoclip for the french indie rock band Tue-Loup.

23 rue des Martyrs23 Rue des Martyrs

Merry go round celebrating the life and creation of Théodore Géricault.